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Byron Agababian

Byron has been a State Certified Building Contractor and Licensed Home Inspector since 1986.

Because of his extensive knowledge and experience he is the one that you can trust to give you a fair and honest home inspection.

Frequently asked questions

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    Why do I need a Wind Mitigation?
    Citizens Windstorm Insurance is controlled by the Florida Legislature and is not a private insurance company. Legislators, responding to pressure from Citizens policy holders implemented a program of credits based on design features of your home. Those design features are as follows. 1) If the roof was installed with a permit after 1 March 2002. Yes, the permit is very important. No permit, no credit. 2) If the roof has a Hip shape, 4-sided. 3) If all of the roof rafter ends are attached to the exterior wall with a metal connector. 4) If #8 nails were used to attach the plywood roof deck to the roof rafters. #3 & #4 are verified from inside the attic. 5) If a secondary water barrier was applied to the bare plywood roof deck prior to the installation of the roof cover. The secondary water barrier has a variety of trade names like, Peel and Stick or Grace Water & Ice Shield. 6) Are ALL openings protected with impact rated products. Yes, this does include the entry doors and skylights. Yes, impact rated windows and doors count and do not need additional protection. Yes, ALL garage doors and windows must be impact rated if the garage is attached to the home. Yes, the lower enclosure openings must be protected if the lower enclosure is used as a living area. However, if the lower enclosure is only used for storage then opening protection is not required. Citizens has conceded that lower enclosure walls that are typically designed to "break away" do not need to have the openings protected. 7) If the floor, walls and roof are concrete then the building is described as a Superior Structure and qualifies for credits. 8) The homeowners signature and date MUST be on the Windstorm Mitigation Form. No signature, no credit. 9) Completed insurance forms are sent to your insurance agent. You will also receive a copy of the report for your records and a receipt. The current Florida Building Code (FBC) was adapted 1 March 2002. This important date is used to verify numerous credits that are available with your Citizens Windstorm Insurance Policy. Specifically, if you have a home that was built after that date you will received several automatic credits on your windstorm policy because your home was built to the newest Florida Building Code. There are three additional credits that can be verified that are not automatic and they are; * Secondary water resistance. * Hip shape roof * Impact rated products for all opening.