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Byron Agababian

Byron has been a State Certified Building Contractor and Licensed Home Inspector since 1986.

Because of his extensive knowledge and experience he is the one that you can trust to give you a fair and honest home inspection.
Inspection Descriptions and Why You Need Them
The 4 Point Inspection covers the condition of the following items and is what is needed to get homeowners insurance:
1.    Electrical
2.    Heating
3.    Plumbing
4.    Roof  

The Wind Mitigation Inspection covers the following items and can get you credits on your wind storm insurance policy:
1.   Building Code
2.   Roof Covering
3.   Roof Deck Attachment
4.   Roof to Wall Attachment
5.   Roof Geometry
6.   Secondary Water Resistance
7.   Opening Protection

The Home Inspection report that we do for you will be a comprehensive report that shows you the good and bad of the property that you are considering buying. It includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the description and condition of the following items.
1.   Structure
2.   Exterior
3.   Ground level
4.   Heating and Cooling
5.   Electrical
6.   Plumbing
7.   Bathroom(s)
8.   Kitchen & Appliances
9.   Interior
10. Roofing
11. Attic
12. Grounds & Exterior